Mar 11

Cold Weather Golf Gloves / Winter Golf Gloves (Golf Equipment)

Cold Weather Golf Gear – Winter Golf Gloves

While some people in the South can play golf all year long with only a few days of really cold weather, most people are not so lucky. Nearly half the year is either cold in the morning or chilly all day long. Personally, we find that playing golf in the cold can be no fun if you do not have the right equipment. Have you ever felt the sting in your hands when you mishit an iron in the cold?  Once the pain goes away and you realize your fingers are completely numb, you just want to head for the 19th hole and grab a drink.

Thankfully, cold weather golf gear has progressed enough to provide golfers with a winter golf glove for all cold weather play. They keep your hands warm and are soft and thin enough that you can keep both the right and left hand gloves on throughout the entire round (even while you’re putting) and you can still have amazing feel and touch around the greens. If you’re playing with friends or playing competitively, it’s reassuring to know that your hands are nice and warm while other players are doing their best to just survive. Some excellent winter golf gear choices are below, however the Footjoy Wintersof is our favorite and we use this during the winter time to play during those cold and windy days. Other reputable manufacturers are Wilson, Titleist, and Nike. Some golfers prefer the all-weather golf gloves that also perform well in the rain; however, we would suggest having two pair of gloves – one for dry, cold conditions and one for wet conditions. We don’t like the feel of the golf rain glove on my grips when it’s not wet outside, so we just choose whichever will be more appropriate for the current day’s conditions.

We strongly recommend that you purchase a pair soon, if you do not already have a pair. It can make the winter months much more enjoyable. Just remember to practice in them ahead of time so you know how they will feel when you’re out on the golf course. Wearing two gloves always feels different at first compared to wearing just one golf glove.

We hope you enjoy more cold weather rounds of golf and please bookmark us, tell a friend, and subscribe to our RSS feed for more golf strategy advice in the future. Good luck with your next round!