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Golf Tournament Preparation Tips (#3) – Weather Conditions

How to Prepare for a Golf Tournament (Tip #3) – Weather Conditions

Dealing with weather conditions is one of the biggest obstacles a golfer will face. The four seasons bring with them very different challenges. Winter is cold, often wet, and sometimes windy. The grass is usually dormant. Then, Spring comes and the wind starts blowing more and you get a lot of rain. Sometimes the mornings are very cold and that can create many circumstances that most golfers are uncomfortable with. Summer is typically hot and dry. The wind tends to be more gentle and this is the most opportune time to shoot great golf scores. Fall is similar to summer in that the conditions are typically optimal for golf but with the added benefit of slightly cooler temperatures.

What weather conditions do you need to prepare for?

As a tournament golfer, you should never be surprised by or unprepared for certain weather conditions during a tournament. Looking at the forecast a week and then a day before the golf tournament should give you adequate time and information to fully prepare for what you will face in the coming days. Here are the main conditions you should watch out for and prepare the right equipment and mindset heading into a tournament.

Cold Temperatures: Golfers with tempo-driven and rhythmic swings tend to have a harder time finding the right timing in colder temperatures – typically anything less than 45 degrees. Look at the “Real Feel” temperature on the Weather Channel to see what conditions will really feel like on the day of the tournament – given your tee-time and the expected length of your round. Conditions may change, so be prepared. We’ll discuss this later, but finding ways to stay warm is crucial.

Windy Conditions: Wind can effect your bad shots significantly and can also cause your good shots to be farther from the pin. Monitor the wind direction and make sure you know how it will effect you on each hole. Change your game plan to know where you have birdie opportunities and where you should be happy to make par. On some holes, almost the entire tournament field will make bogey or worse due to the conditions. Staying away from trouble on these holes can help you gain shots on the field.

Rainy Weather: Almost nothing is worse than getting caught in a rain storm on the golf course without the proper equipment. The result is having to wear wet clothes all day (sometimes in the cold), deal with slick, wet grips, and muddy conditions. Having an umbrella, a golf bag cover, a proper rain suit, back up gloves, dry socks, and multiple towels can all help you deal with the weather conditions. Many players are caught unprepared and you will definitely gain a few strokes on them if you have the right mindset and come prepared.

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There are other weather conditions that can effect a round such a very hot, summer day, but we’ll address them later. The three conditions above are the most typical problems a golfer will face.

We hope you enjoy our golf tournament preparation list and that it helps lower your scores. Good luck in your next golf tournament!

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