May 20

The Golfer’s Crate – the Best Golf Gift for Father’s Day

The Golfer’s Crate was recently revealed by ManCrates as the perfect golf gift to get your father for Father’s Day. It’s extremely difficult to find the right gift for your dad – fathers don’t really like neckties, coffee mugs, or other random gifts, but they will get excited by the Golfer’s Crate – a true golf gift experience.


The Golfer’s Crate by ManCrates – the perfect Father’s Day gift idea

Rating: Eagle!

Review:  Great idea, great presentation, and great packaging – it actually comes in a real crate!  Any father who receives this unique gift for father’s day will consider himself truly blessed.  It gives a daughter or son the perfect opportunity to sit down with dad and watch Caddyshack together.  He’ll surely appreciate the gesture and the manly packaging.  All fathers should be made to feel like “real men” on their special day.

For those of you who don’t know about Caddyshack – the most iconic golf movie of all time – you should brush up on your golf movie history and learn how a cute little gopher (sounds a lot like golfer – just ask Bill Murray) can wreak havoc on a golf course and betting match.

Get your dad a Golfer’s Crate from ManCrates and then ask him to go golfing with you. Make his Father’s Day one to remember!