Apr 16

Golf Tournament Preparation Tips (#8) – The Equipment Bag / Special Golf Equipment

How to Prepare for a Golf Tournament (Tip #8) – The Equipment Bag / Special Golf Equipment

In our last post, we detailed the golf equipment we believe every golfer should keep in their golf bags, especially if you play competitive golf. The more prepared you are for any circumstance, the less you will be caught off-guard and the more you will be confident that you are better prepared than your competitors – giving you a mental advantage. In this post, we highlight the equipment that you will not always need to have with you, but we believe it’s smart to have this equipment handy in case you need it. Our suggestion is to either gather or purchase the following equipment and place it in a gym bag in your trunk on tournament days. Once you’ve scouted the weather conditions and forecast, you can choose which items to pull from your equipment bag and place in your golf bag. If you’re riding in carts (like many amateur tournaments allow), you can simply thrown your equipment bag in the back of the cart and you will be prepared for anything.

Special Items to Include in your Equipment Bag

  • Rain Suit / Wind Jacket – keeping dry can give you a mental edge
  • Extra socks (in a plastic bag) – for those rainy days where you just can’t stay dry; extra socks are worth their weight in gold
  • Wool socks – for those very cold days when you can barely feel your feet
  • Golf Bag Cover / Rain Cover – to keep your clubs dry
  • Pair of Thermal Tight Pants and Shirt – an extra layer of warmth on cold days
  • Extra bottles of water (x2)
  • Winter Hat – Hot Hands even has a hat where you put the heat pad in a pouch next to your ear – it does wonders
  • A large bag of Hot Hands (you’ll be sorry if you run out)
  • Extra towel
  • Rain gloves
  • Winter golf gloves (can be the same as rain gloves, although the warmth of a winter glove is actually better)

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Before you play in your next tournament or brave some fierce weather, make sure to get the right equipment so golf can be your primary focus – not staying dry or warm. Good luck!

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