GolfStrat Premium Filtering & Analysis Tool

New Premium Filtering Tool to help you cut the data and information the way you want. Compare DraftKings or Golf Channel players by salary range. Add multiple filters to see which players fit the criteria you have chosen. Add/delete filters easily. This is still in alpha testing, so please be aware there could be problems that still need to be fixed.

Different versions of this tool will be available in our different subscription tiers, but until we launch the subscriptions, enjoy the tool for free. Over time, we’ll be adjusting the data and potentially adding more data sets to help you make the best decisions for your teams and leagues.

Thanks for supporting us. We will continue innovating on your behalf. – The GolfStrat Team

2018 Mayakoba Golf Classic
Premium Filter Tool

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Please select a Category and Subcategory Filter to see results. You can select multiple filters at the same time though you have to go through the menu and submit your first and then do that again for any other filters you want to apply. We hope you like the new premium tool!