Sep 16

2017 Tour Championship Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather

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2017 Tour Championship

Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather


Group A
Group B
Group B
Group C
Round 4 (Sun)
Start: Jason Day
Bench: Dustin Johnson
Start: Jordan Spieth
Bench: Justin Rose
Start: Justin Thomas
Bench: Hideki Matsuyama
Start: Brooks Koepka
Bench: Jon Rahm
  • Weather: 9-10mph winds but no real difference based on tee times.
  • Group A: This week hasn’t gone as planned, but we’ll go Day the final round of the season in case he manages to go low and get a top 3 finish.
  • Group B: Thomas and Spieth… and hoping for some good vibes from Spieth… so far he and DJ have been a huge disappointment – we saved their starts for this!
  • Group C: We’ll go Koepka for the same reasons as Day and Thomas.
  • Other Thoughts: One final round. We thought we had a nice chance to make up a lot of ground this week but that’s not how this is going. Hoping for a steady round 4. Killing it on DK this weekend, so that’s a little positive for an otherwise flat week so far. We hope you had an amazing season on Y! and we’ll see you back here in January to start all over and try to climb the hill again! Best of luck on Sunday! Enjoy the offseason!