Aug 27

2017 Dell Technologies Championship Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather

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2017 Dell Technologies Championship

Daily Yahoo Selections & Weather


Group A
Group B
Group B
Group C
Round 4 (Mon)
Start: Dustin Johnson (1*)
Bench: Jason Day (8*)
Start: Kevin Chappell (6*)
Bench: Jordan Spieth (1)
Start: Webb Simpson (6*)
Bench: Hideki Matsuyama (1)
Start: Jon Rahm (2*)
Bench: Daniel Berger (3)
  • Weather: 5-10mph in the AM and 11-13mph in the PM. They guys who aren’t playing well will have a little advantage.
  • Group A: DJ once again. Once you’ve used him, you can’t go away or else it would be a waste.
  • Group B: Boy, did we screw this group up this week. No reason to play Hideki. You can start Spieth if you like. This one feels like we’re going down with the ship this week – assuming a JT, Spieth, Casey top 3. While that may not happen, burning our last Spieth start may be foolhardy at this point. As painful as it is to see some hard fought gains go down the tubes, we’ll sit by and watch – Simpson/Chappell it is. Sick feeling inside.
  • Group C: Rahm once more. Hope he climbs back up the leaderboard and some of the Group B guys cool off.
  • Other Thoughts: Well, it was a nice run these past few months, but this week really had our number. The dream of a top 10 finish is probably gone at this point. Sad that it had to be JT that caused it, as we definitely have a bias against JT due to his inconsistency over the year – we’ll have to work through that with a psychologist during the offseason! Yet another learning experience.