Welcome to GolfStrat!

Welcome to GolfStrat – the premier golf blog that discusses golf strategy and offers a more in-depth and analytical approach to improving your golf game.  Our hope is to provide you with new and interesting information regarding golf and the improvement process. Along the way, we desire to create a community of golfers who are dedicated to improving their games and enjoying the process. Hopefully you’ll find some of the material insightful, some of it controversial, and hopefully all of it worth reading.

One of our favorite sayings that inspired us to get out and practice is “the season starts tomorrow.” It encompasses everything that is great about golf:

  • the excitement of the upcoming golf season
  • the unknown of what victories/challenges lie ahead
  • the pressure to get in our best playing shape
  • the extra push to get out and practice

Spring is almost here. It’s time to dust off the clubs, start working on our games, and prepare for an exciting season ahead.